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Concert-goers enjoying a show
Portrait of Nanette Florian, creator of Hear Music Again

Nanette Florian, formerly a lead singer for the famous 60s band THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS lost her hearing completely at age 40. She now hears through a cochlear implant. Her “vision” is to present clear, noise-free music.

CLEAR MUSIC RADIO for people with hearing loss, Seniors, and anybody that appreciates the greatest clarity in recorded music.

Mainstream radio can be annoying and hard to follow. Its fast-paced music often plays while the DJ talks, and it’s difficult to even know what song is playing!

WHMA Classic Hits and WHRA Rock
Choose your station or click back and forth

Each song has been meticulously chosen for its clarity is
full of wonderful memories and will greatly benefit people who have trouble hearing music as they once did.

Sharp, clear and ready to hear from HEAR MUSIC AGAIN!

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