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Music & Hearing Loss: Listening Through Headphones, Speakers and Bluetooth

Whether you have a hearing aid or a cochlear processor, when listening to WHMA and WHRA Rock at internet radio, you will gain more musical clarity using the right equipment. I’m sure we all agree that the speakers on our computers and cell phones are not great for people with hearing loss. My special equipment choices at this time are headphones, a single tabletop speaker, and the bluetooth connection with my cochlear processor.


I chose the AKG studio headphones for their price and quality. They give me the richer sounds I crave without having to spend too much. Headphones can be plugged right into your computer or cell phone using a small jack cord. Headphones probably create your best sound experience, and you can listen privately without bothering others or them bothering you. Perfect!


On the other hand, I like to listen to my music while I’m cooking and I don’t like to be tethered, so I use the speaker a lot .This way feels a bit like the old days when I could hear naturally. People with good hearing will be able to listen in as they love the recordings on Hear Music Again as well.

My newest speaker is the Bose sound link Revolve ll, shown below. I jumped up and down for joy a few times after my husband plugged it in and turned it on for me because the sound was so rich and clear. It comes through with a great bass end that I’m loving!

The speaker can be set up with blue tooth, but I like to use the smaller jack cord that plugs the speaker into the laptop or cell phone directly without needing to fuss with blue tooth adjustments. The other portable speakers that I looked at didn’t have the jack plug to make this connection.

Bluetooth Connection

Another way I’ve been listening to WHMA and WHRA Rock is through my cellphone using the bluetooth connection with my cochlear processor. Perhaps your hearing aid or cochlear processor also has this option. By the way, I just got the new Kanso 2 by Cochlear Americas and it’s my first experience with this bluetooth connection.

When I first started listening using bluetooth, I could tell right away the the sound was digital rather than the more natural sound that comes through the speakers or headphones. At first, I gave it an immediate thumbs down. I got used to it quickly though, and I like how it really punches the sound through and is louder than the car windage noise.

Bluetooth is the easiest way to listen to Hear Music Again music in the car with my cell phone,

I also learned to turn up my processor internally and it’s a literal party in the car that people with normal hearing enjoy every day, but it’s new to me!

Learning how to pair your hearing device to your cell phone via bluetooth requires a bit of reading and a little patience. I began the process with a bit of freaking out, but then gave it a try and I did it! Lol.

The grocery store

The bluetooth option with my processor has been a gas. It’s now a must while driving and then grocery shopping. Grocery shopping hits all my stress buttons and unfortunately, I do it almost every day because I can only decide what to cook one day at a time. Talk about dysfunctional. But I really dislike shopping in big box stores. I’ll stop my rant now. Lol.

I start the car, google Hear Music Again on my cell phone, login, and press the play button for either WHMA or WHRA Rock.

Another interesting thing about listening via bluetooth, is how clearly the lyrics come through. I’m shocked at how many words in the songs I never knew! “Oh, that’s what this song is about!”

Suit of armor

What’s really fun now is the grocery store. My music is my suit of armor. I keep it on while getting out of the car, entering the store and going all the way to checkout. I always have a big, silly grin on my face that I need to tone down, and although I’d really like to dance as I push my cart down the aisle, I allow myself a gentle rhythm pat on the cart’s handle.

No matter how subtle I try to look as I’m secretly enjoying some great funk or swing, or tears from something sweet or sad, I’m sure people can tell something is odd because I also ridiculously tend to look everyone in the eye, which is something I never would do without the music. I’m sure someone could write many chapters trying to analyze this.

Anyway, grocery shopping is stress-free and fun now!

If you’re already set up with good equipment, that’s great. If not, give my above choices a try. Coming soon to my website, is a Hear Music Again community sounding board where we can all chirp in, hash out and learn from one another. I’m really looking forward to your input everyone.

Thanks for listening!


2 thoughts on “Music & Hearing Loss: Listening Through Headphones, Speakers and Bluetooth”

  1. Yes, you can hear the lyrics! Excellent comment.

    I just signed up and found the website a bit hard to use. Example, there’s no link to listen to the stations that I could find!

    I’m looking forward to listening.

    Dave Abell

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